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Edwards Family Law is an established Atlanta Divorce law practice. We have become known across the Greater Atlanta area for our strong advocacy and results in the area of fathers’ rights.

We are committed to standing up for fathers who often do not get a fair shake in custody disputes and child support. With 10 years of focused representation in Atlanta area family courts, we understand the tendencies of local judges regarding divorce and custody matters, and we use it to help our clients achieve their goals.

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For various reasons, including outdated gender roles and old-fashioned beliefs, fathers are often seen as unwilling or incapable of caring for their children. However, most fathers can provide their children with the same care, affection and parental guidance that a mother can. In fact, there is no presumption in Georgia law that a mother is automatically entitled to custody. Some judges are more traditional than others, but courts can and do award custody to fathers, based on the principle of “the best interest of the child.”

Edwards Family Law has been at the forefront of the movement to give deserving fathers a fair shot at custody.   See our Father’s rights success stories and read more about the topic at our Fathers’ Rights Blog.

Atlanta, Georgia Fathers’ Rights Attorneys

If you are happy with every other weekend with your child, you do not need us. Any decent attorney can sleepwalk through court and get you every other weekend. We represent fathers who are seeking and who deserve more than the traditional parenting time schedule.

We have helped stay-at-home dads and working dads win sole custody, primary custody and joint physical custody. We have helped many other fathers win a greater share of visitation (parenting time) than they would normally get.

We represent fathers in:

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We do not believe that custody of the children is right for every father; however, every father should have an equal right to custody. If you work 12 hours a day and travel several weeks out of the month, then custody may not be for you, unless the mother is being derelict in her duties. However, if you have played an active role in parenting the children, caring for their needs, attending medical appointments, attending school functions and PTA meetings, then the courts will look at the history and may award you joint custody or even full custody.

Fathers’ Rights and Georgia Law

For a father to obtain custody it is not necessary to prove that the mother is an unfit parent. What is needed is some evidence that living with the father would better serve the children’s interests. Unfortunately, while going through a divorce, a father’s loving relationship with his children can be jeopardized. The father who has seen his children every day and has participated equally in their upbringing may now see them every other weekend. You may feel obligated to give in to the mother’s demands in exchange for more time with your children. Many times, fathers end up being victimized by unreasonably high child support payments and limited visitation with their children.

Nevertheless, you can take action to protect your rights. If you feel that you would be the better custodial parent, and you have evidence and witnesses to support your case, we can help you. Our Atlanta divorce attorneys have served Georgia for more than a decade, and we will be pleased to put our experience to work for you.

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