When Your Ex Wants to Move Away

Moving truckMove Away From the Dad’s Perspective

Oftentimes, there is nothing more devastating to a Father then, after receiving the desired custody arrangment, the ex-wife annouces a proposed move to another state or even another county.

Edwards Family Law handles an average of 15-20 move-away modification cases per year where the Mother desires to move out of state. All cases handled in 2010 and 2011 were successful. In some of the cases, the Mother chose not to move, after it was clear the Father would continue to fight. In some cases, a Guardian ad Litem was appointed, and after a full investigation, recommended that the Father obtain custody if the Mother chose to move. In one case, the Mother moved anyway, hoping the Court would disagree with the Guardian’s recommendation. That Father now has primary custody.

The trend in Georgia has been against move-aways, absent a very compelling reason. Moving to California to marry an internet boyfriend is not a good reason. Wanting to start a new life in a new location is also not good enough. Fathers who are willing to fight to stay involved in their children’s lives have a good chance at being successful.

At Edwards Family Law, we know that dads can be just as good at parenting and running a household. Our attorneys have a knack for leveling the playing field so that dads get fair consideration in court. We prepare fathers to meet custody cases head-on

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