Revisiting Court Orders for Child Custody and Financial Support

Court orders are final and enforceable. Yet many things can change after divorce, making custody or child support orders obsolete or unworkable. Either parent can petition the court to modify the court decree, and either parent can ask the court to enforce an order if the other party is not honoring it.

Post-divorce modifications can be very contentious, and sometimes there is no middle ground. It is usually necessary to go to court and have the judge decide one way or the other. The Georgia trial lawyers of Edwards Family Law are accustomed to complex and emotionally charged custody disputes and contempt proceedings.

From 18 years of focused practice in the Atlanta area family courts, we know the procedures in the each county and how a particular judge is likely to rule. Whether you are initiating or defending legal action, we will prepare you for these proceedings and put you in the best position to get your way.

Post-Divorce Modification and Enforcement Attorneys

We represent custodial and non-custodial parents, men and women, on either side of these disputes:

  • Modifying physical custody (sole custody or switching households)
  • Modifying parenting time (visitation and schedules)
  • Modifying child support (up or down)
  • Modifying or terminating alimony
  • Parental move-away (relocating with the children)
  • Enforcement of orders (contempt of court actions)

We always explore whether these issues can be resolved out of court, to curtail the animosity and expense. However, we prepare as though the case will be litigated, and we will fiercely represent you and the best interests of your child in contested proceedings.

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