Dear Client,

We sincerely appreciate your consideration of our firm, and we are honored to serve you. Some of the most common complaints from those who have hired family law attorneys is “My attorney never calls me back” or “I had no idea what was going on in my case.”

I firmly believe that an attorney’s duty is to:

  1. Keep the client informed and updated on every development throughout the entire case and
  2. Make sure the client understands the process.

We have spared no expense to ensure that the client has access to their file at all times, as well as all important updates.

We keep our clients updated by providing a secure server to which we upload every piece of paper that come in and out of the office on your case. This helps to reduce the client’s fees as well. Instead of using your attorney as a copy service to makes copies of a marriage’s worth of paperwork, many of our clients scan their own documents and upload them to our server, where we can easily transmit them to the other side, significantly reducing time, costs and eliminating silly arguments between counsel over what documents were actually turned over.

We are the only family law attorney providing this service to our clients at no charge. At various stages in the process, we meet with the client to ensure they understand where we are in the process, and why what we are doing at that particular time will help them achieve their goals for the overall case.

At Edwards Family Law, we have made a conscious decision to reduce our caseload to ensure that your case gets the attention it deserves. My lowering our caseload, we can be proactive and move the case forward towards a conclusion, as opposed as just reacting to the other attorney’s filings and motions. How we handle your case is driven by your goals and expectations. Our firm is committed to providing superior personalized representation to my clients by:

  • Promptly returning your telephone calls and emails;
  • Not charging by the hour, but providing outstanding service at flat rates;
  • Providing you with a server and scanning and uploading all documents received so you see all documents the same day we do.
  • Practicing exclusively in the area of family law;
  • Having a reduced caseload to devote the time necessary for your case;
  • Explaining the pros and cons of all available options so you can make informed decisions about your own case; and
  • Giving you an honest, informed opinion of your case.

I and my staff remain constantly aware that your family law case is the most important issue in your life at this moment. You are not just a name on the file. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your needs.

We can help you immediately.