Fathers’ Rights in Divorce and Child Custody

Divorce for DadsNationwide, two-thirds of all divorces are initiated by women. This often means that the man is caught off guard and that the woman dictates the agenda in divorce proceedings. As a result, many men get chewed up in the property settlement, in custody and visitation, in alimony and child support.

The divorce lawyers of Edwards & Associates represent women and men in the Greater Atlanta area, but we have developed a reputation as effective advocates in the arena of f ather’s rights. Through our representation, many fathers have been able to get primary custody or joint custody who otherwise would see their kids only two weekends a month. Other clients have avoided being “taken to the cleaners” on child support and spousal support.

Divorce From the Dad’s Perspective

Society still has a concept of fathers as breadwinners and mothers as caregivers. Although the law and reality have changed over time, many dads (and many judges) still buy into those outdated gender roles.

At Edwards & Associates, we know that dads can be just as good as moms at parenting and running a household. Our attorneys have a knack for leveling the playing field so that dads get fair consideration in court. We prepare fathers to meet divorce head-on and put their best foot forward.

The women who get what they want in property division and child custody are much better at “playing the game” than men are. Those women are more organized and strategic. They take notes and line up witnesses. The men who don’t get what they want tend to bluster and bully their way through divorce, and quickly find that the wife’s attorney and the judge are not impressed. (See top 10 mistakes fathers make.)

We help men take a more proactive and deliberate approach to divorce:

If you want full or shared custody, you have to establish that you are the primary caregiver, the more stable parent, the communicator and the cooperator. If you are a working dad who travels a lot or works long hours, you need a plan to address that in court.To get your fair share in the property settlement, you cannot be blindsided by financial issues. You need to know what you own separately and jointly, the value of those assets, what you want and what is most important to her.You have to know who you’re dealing with and where you stand. The jurisdiction and the judge definitely make a difference. Our attorneys know the leanings of each judge in the Atlanta area counties and how each one is likely to rule on a given issue. We use that knowledge to develop realistic goals and effective strategies to counter the challenges our male clients face in custody and financial support.

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