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Edwards & Associates is unable to accept pro bono cases or conduct free consultations.

We are currently only accepting Fulton, Forsyth or Gwinnett County cases.

Call 888.610.3352 or contact us online.

Denial of visitation –  If your child’s mother is denying you your court-ordered visitation, we can help.

Legitimation.  In Georgia, if you are not married to the mother of your child, and you have no court order, you have no rights.  Period.   We can file for legitimation and court ordered parenting time.

Child support issues – Has the mother of your children filed for child support?  Even if you agree to a child support order, you still may not have custody rights.  We can help you get a fair child support order as well as a visitation schedule.

Move-Away Cases– Depending on where you live, your child’s mother may not need a court order to be able to move away with your child.  We can put up a strong fight to keep your child in Georgia.


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Can’t afford our full services fees?  Check out our packages where we do all the paperwork and you handle the case yourself.  You save 50%-75% on fees and have an attorney guide you throughout the entire process.


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